Terms and Conditions

Keyboardo is a platform that lets customers hire translators to translate text from one language to another. These terms and conditions (the “Agreement”) set out the rules for using Keyboardo, including the translation services provided by translators to customers through the platform.

The parties to this Agreement are Keyboardo, Inc. and the user.

Keyboardo and the user are referred to collectively as the “Parties” and individually as the “Party.”

2. Definitions

In this Agreement,

  • User: Any person, natural or legal, who accesses the Keyboardo Platform, whether or not they have signed up for an account.
  • Translator: A User who is a registered third-party contractor who provides translation services to Keyboardo Customers.
  • Customer: A User who is a registered third-party who desires to acquire translation services through the Keyboardo Platform.
  • Customer Materials: Source contents, guidelines, glossaries, and any other materials provided by Customers for translation.
  • Translated Contents: Contents that are the translation of Customer Materials in the source language to another (target) language by the Translator, applying the commonly known and recognized grammar rules as well as the Translator’s own experience, profession and field-specific knowledge or the necessary vocabulary knowledge obtained through and on the basis of various dictionaries and thesauruses.
  • Keyboardo Platform:¬†The online portal and platform containing Keyboardo contents and services at https://keyboardo.com
  • Translation Order: Any order for translation services placed on the Platform by a Customer.
  • Quality Level Options:¬†Options for translation, stated as “Standard, Professional, Certified” in the Keyboardo Quality Standards.

3. Amendments/Updates to the Agreement

Keyboardo has the right and authority to change or update the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement and the Privacy Policy, which is an integral part of this Agreement, at any time, whether in part or in whole. If you are directly notified by Keyboardo or access the Platform in any way or use or make use of the content or services on the Keyboardo Platform directly or indirectly after changes and updates have been made, you cannot claim, demand, or state that you were not notified of the changes and updates or that the changes and updates do not apply to you. It is your responsibility to check this Agreement and the Privacy Policy periodically for changes and updates.

4. Agreement and Enforcement

4.1. This agreement is established and becomes effective when you access the Keyboardo platform, whether or not you create an account. By accessing and using the platform, you agree to be bound by this agreement and confirm that you have read, understood, and agreed to all of its terms.

4.2. This agreement remains in force for as long as you access and use the Keyboardo platform, its content, and its services.

4.3. You may terminate this agreement by closing your account and notifying Keyboardo in writing. You agree not to access the platform after the date of termination.

Keyboardo may suspend or terminate your account permanently or temporarily if it determines that you have violated any of the terms of this agreement or the Keyboardo Privacy Policy. Keyboardo may do so without notice and without incurring any liability.

5. Use of Keyboardo Contents/Services and Obligations Related to the User Account

5.1 Age Restriction

To use Keyboardo, you must be at least 18 years old or the legal age in your country. Minors are not allowed to use Keyboardo. If you misrepresent your age during registration, Keyboardo may cancel your account. By using Keyboardo, you agree that you meet these age requirements.

5.2 User Accounts

5.2.1 When you create a Keyboardo account, you agree to provide complete and accurate information and to keep it up to date.

5.2.2 You cannot share your account information with anyone else. If you do, Keyboardo may suspend or cancel your account.

5.2.3 You are responsible for everything that happens with your account, even if someone else uses it without your permission.

5.2.4 You cannot create multiple Keyboardo accounts.

5.2.5 You must keep your account information confidential and notify Keyboardo immediately if you think someone else has your password or is using your account without your permission. Keyboardo is not responsible for any damage caused by unauthorized use of your account.

5.2.6 You must agree to and follow the Keyboardo Privacy Policy and all other Keyboardo rules and regulations, as well as all applicable laws and regulations. You are solely responsible for your own actions and Keyboardo is not liable for any consequences of your actions. If you violate these terms, Keyboardo may suspend or cancel your account and you may be held liable for any damages.

5.2.7 You cannot violate, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, or otherwise exploit the Keyboardo platform and its contents/services. You also cannot help others to do these things.

5.2.8 You cannot use Keyboardo to transfer, communicate, publish, display, save, post, send, forward, store, or provide access to any content that is illegal, harassing, threatening, harmful, tortious, defamatory, abusive, rude, violent, slang, pornographic, sexually offensive, invasive of others’ privacy, racist or humiliating, ethnically offensive, or otherwise inconvenient to Keyboardo, its affiliates, directors, employees, other users, or any other third parties. You cannot use Keyboardo in any way that violates these terms. If you do, Keyboardo may remove the content from the platform and suspend or cancel your account.

5.2.9 If you violate any of these terms, Keyboardo may suspend or cancel your account and deprive you of access to Keyboardo services and contents. Keyboardo may also disclose your content to the authorities if required by law.

5.2.10 Keyboardo is only liable for removing illegal content from the platform if it is technically possible to do so. Keyboardo is not liable for any other consequences of removing illegal content.

5.2.11 You cannot contact Keyboardo translators or customers outside of the Keyboardo platform. You cannot negotiate translation fees directly with other users.

5.2.12 Keyboardo is not liable for any loss or unavailability of user accounts or their contents due to technical reasons.

5.2.13 To protect users from improper advertising and solicitation and to maintain the integrity of the platform, Keyboardo may restrict access to services and contents for users on the platform, either partially or completely.

5.2.14 There may be third-party links, content, and advertisements on the Keyboardo platform. You decide whether or not to access or use third-party content. The terms and conditions of use for third-party content are determined by the owners of that content. Keyboardo has no control over these terms and conditions of use and is not liable for any disputes or claims related to them.

6.1. Translator Testing and Assignment

Keyboardo will test Translators once or more to assess their skills and qualifications for translation services. Keyboardo reserves the right to determine which Translators are assigned to Translation Orders, and its decisions are final.

6.2. Placing Translation Orders

To place a Translation Order on Keyboardo, Protranslate Customers must provide certain information, including the desired Quality Level Option as defined in Keyboardo’s Quality Standards. Protranslate Customers may request translation of their materials into one or more languages per Translation Order. Protranslate Customers must also provide all necessary information and documents for translation. Protranslate Customers agree and warrant that the information and documents they provide are clear, accurate, and complete, as the quality of translations depends on the quality of the Customer Materials provided.

6.3. Cancelling Translation Orders

Protranslate Customers may cancel any Translation Order by email or through their account on Keyboardo without incurring any payment liability, provided that the Translation Order has not yet been assigned to a Translator. Otherwise, Translation Orders cannot be cancelled and there will be no refund.

6.4. Estimated Delivery Times

Keyboardo will provide an estimated time for completion of each Translation Order, but this may not be an exact delivery time. Keyboardo does not guarantee that Translation Orders will be completed within the estimated time frame. Once a Translation Order is completed, Keyboardo will notify the Protranslate Customer.

6.5. Review of Translated Content

Upon notification from Keyboardo, Protranslate Customers will have a certain number of hours to review the Translated Content. The Translated Content will be deemed approved if the Protranslate Customer approves it or does not respond within the review period. If the Protranslate Customer believes that the Translated Content does not comply with Keyboardo’s Quality Standards, they must reject and object within the review period. Keyboardo will respond to rejections within a reasonable time.

6.6. Keyboardo’s Role as an Intermediary

Keyboardo acts solely as an intermediary between Translators and Protranslate Customers. Protranslate Customers and Translators use Keyboardo’s translation services at their own risk and are responsible to each other for their own actions and transactions, including the Translated Content. Keyboardo does not provide any guarantees regarding their actions or transactions.

6.7. Keyboardo’s Disclaimers

Due to its role as an intermediary, Keyboardo is not obligated to control or supervise the Translated Content and does not provide any guarantees regarding Keyboardo’s translation services, including but not limited to the accuracy, quality, reliability, completeness, or legality of translations; the language skills and qualifications of Translators; whether Protranslate Customers provide accurate, clear, and complete information for translation services; or whether Translation Orders will be completed within the estimated time frame.

Keyboardo Terms and Conditions of Use: Payments

7.1 Some of the content and services provided on Keyboardo require payment, while others are free. Keyboardo has the exclusive right to determine which content and services require payment, and how long this will be the case.

7.2 For translation services on Keyboardo, customers must pay on the date they place their order. Payments can be made via PayPal or credit card. Corporate customers with approved memberships may make monthly payments in return for a proper invoice. Payments to translators are made monthly in Turkish Liras, as stated in the Translator Agreement. However, if a translator’s accumulated income in a month is less than 30 USD, Keyboardo will not make a payment for that month and will wait until the accumulated income exceeds this limit.

7.3 Keyboardo has the right to suspend payment if the source of the payment is suspected to be fraudulent. In such cases, if payment has already been made to the translator, they are obliged to return the full amount to Keyboardo. Failure to do so will be considered a breach of this Agreement and Keyboardo may terminate the Agreement and/or permanently suspend the translator’s account.

7.4 Any user whose membership is canceled by Keyboardo due to a violation of this Agreement will not receive any credit, payment, or other financial compensation.

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